5.0kg Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Block

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For anyone wanting to get into growing their own mushrooms, this is the best place to start. This strain of oyster mushroom is easy to grow, has flexibility in their temperature parameters, grows with great yields and tastes delicious!

You will need…

Somewhere out of the wind

Somewhere out of the rain

Somewhere away from slugs

Somewhere with indirect light

Somewhere where you don’t mind spores dropping upon mushrooms maturing. 

Takes around 7-10 days for the first flush of mushrooms but can slow down a little come wintertime.

With nutritional benefits in studies ranging from protecting and regulating immunity to increasing brain function due to healthy levels of niacin, these mushrooms are highly esteemed for their health-promoting properties. With good levels of fiber, they also aid the digestive tract and they also regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels too!


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