Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Block

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This is the where it all started for Marama's Mushrooms and if you're new to growing mushrooms the best place you can probably start too!

With a delicious meaty texture these mushrooms are versatile as. From stir fries to risottos and soups to pizza and pasta or an omelette or good ol' mushrooms on toast you can't go wrong with these guys! One of our faves is mushroom tacos! Recipe's coming soon...

You can expect to get between 1.5 to 2kg of mushrooms from a block over it's life if you follow the instructions and look after it well :)

With nutritional benefits in studies ranging from protecting and regulating immunity to increasing brain function due to healthy levels of niacin, these mushrooms are highly esteemed for their health-promoting properties. With good levels of fiber, they also aid the digestive tract and they also regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and also lower bad cholesterol levels.

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