(NEW!) Fresh Spray Free Oyster Mushrooms

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Delicious fresh oyster mushrooms picked fresh and delivered to your door! With high levels of protein and a meaty texture they make for an amazing amazing addition to any meal or as the main feature. Great in stir fries, pasta dishes, pizzas, soups, risottos, omelettes or just have them with butter and garlic on toast. Yum!!!

1 kg will feed 8 adults and 500 grams will feed 4.

They also have great immunomodulating powers because of the beta-glucans present in them along with zinc, iron and vitamin B6 which stimulates the body to produce serotonin which regulates sleep and mood. On top of that they also help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and some studies say that they even can combat certain cancers (colon and breast) because of a unique compound found in them called pleuran. Don't take our word for it though, look up these amazing gifts this mushroom has to offer. We advise all customers to take control of their own journey and make the these decisions for yourself :) 

Note: These mushrooms must be cooked to break down a protein which can give people an upset tummy!