Pekepekekiore Mushroom Block

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If you've ever heard of Lion's Mane then this is the Aotearoa NZ cousin to it.

Found in the ngahere (forest) from time to time these mushrooms have a spectacular fruiting body which are amazing to watch growing, and really awesome to eat as well. With a flavour similar to cauliflower and a crab like consistency these mushrooms are something truly unique.

What's more they have some awesome health qualities, particularly for the brain. With a number of studies having been conducted at Auckland University, Pekepekekiore shares some of the same compounds that give Lion's Mane it's health properties, as well as some of it's own unique ones.

New Zealand studies on Hericium novae-zealandiae:

Characterization of the bioactivities of an ethanol extract and some of its constituents from the New Zealand native mushroom Hericium novae-zealandiae